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The suprachoroidal space

Drugs precisely delivered by suprachoroidal injection with access to the choroid and the retina where the diseases present. 



Micro Injector

Drugs will be most effective if they can be delivered directly to the part of the eye that requires treatment, such as the choroid and retina”

Henry F. Edelhauser

We heard you.

Eye diseases such as uveitis and diabetic macular edema present in the choroid and retina. Through the ingenious efforts of our research and development team, we have developed a unique and elegant way to access the choroid and retina through the suprachoroidal space to treat these diseases.


Clinical Program Objectives

Rapid vision gains  Sustained vision improvement  Consistent patient response  Improved benefits to risk ratio

CLS-TA is administered by suprachoroidal injection.

Not available for clinical use. Not approved by the FDA or other regulatory bodies.

Boundless. Hope.

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