The suprachoroidal space

Drugs precisely delivered by suprachoroidal injection with access to the choroid and the retina where the diseases present. 



Uveitis eye

(Macular Edema associated with Uveitis)

  • Uveitis is a collection of inflammatory conditions affecting the eye. Roughly 30 diseases causing inflammation in the eye fall under the classification of Uveitis.
  • Uveitis is further identified by the dominant (anatomic) location of the inflammation in the eye as anterior, intermediate, posterior, or pan uveitis.
  • Over 350,000 adults in the U.S. have uveitis. Most patients are aged 20-50 years. 2
  • Macular edema may be found with any geographic location of uveitis.3 Approximately 30-40% of uveitis patients have macular edema.4
  • There are no approved treatments for macular edema secondary to uveitis.

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Uveitis Phase 3: PEACHTREE Trial

  • Two-armed randomized, controlled, double-masked, multi-center trial at ~60 clinical sites
  • 3:2 randomization of suprachoroidally injected CLS-TA vs. sham injection; 160 patients total
  • Primary endpoint at week 24: Proportion of subjects in each arm gaining ≥ 15 EDTRS letters in BVCA from baseline


Design for Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Peachtree Graph

Primary Endpoint

Proportion of subjects in each arm gaining ≥ 15 ETDRS letters in BCVA from baseline at Week 24

primary endpoint

Secondary Endpoint

Mean change from baseline in CST at week 24 in microns

Secondary Endpoint

Safety Summary

Table 1: Ocular Adverse Reactions Reported in ≥ 2% of Patients and Non-ocular Adverse Reactions Reported by ≥ 5% of patients

safety summary

*includes cataract, cataract cortical and cataract subcapsular

Table 2: Summary of Adverse Reactions Related to Elevated IOP a

safety summary

a Not associated with the injection procedure
b Includes intraocular pressure increased, ocular hypertension, and glaucoma
c Based on elevated intraocular pressure adverse reactions

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