SCS Microinjector®

Precisely Targeting the Suprachoroidal Space

Our proprietary SCS Microinjector® can be used to inject a wide variety of drugs into the suprachoroidal space, or SCS.  The SCS Microinjector is composed of a syringe and two 30-gauge hollow microneedles of varying lengths, each less than 1.2 millimeters, within a custom-designed hub that optimizes insertion and suprachoroidal administration of drugs.

This suprachoroidal injection is designed to be carried out perpendicular to the sclera under local anesthesia. Once the microneedle penetrates the sclera and reaches the SCS, the boundary between the sclera and the choroid, the open bevel of the needle releases the drug between these two layers. Once drug is injected into the SCS, it spreads within the SCS to the back of the eye, targeting the cells of interest. The preparation and injection will require minimal training for the administering retinal specialist and can be accomplished in an in-office setting.

Our internally developed and our collaborators’ drug candidates are specifically formulated to be injected via suprachoroidal injection with our SCS Microinjector in order to flow to the back of the eye.